Technical SEO Course
for Filipinos by
Gab Valimento

Through my engaging video lessons, I’ll guide you from the basics of technical audits to advanced implementation for real websites and potential clients.

My approach is tailored for beginners, simplifying complex Technical SEO concepts and making them easily understandable in Filipino, ensuring a smooth learning journey for you.

I will answer your "How" Tama na ang sana all!

One time payment of ₱3,499

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green checkmark Get access to FREE helpful Tools and Templates

green checkmark Master Technical SEO Essentials

green checkmark Core Web Vitals Optimization using FREE Plugins

green checkmark Conduct Expert-Level SEO Audits

green checkmark Back up your websites in Hosting and Localhost

green checkmark Set up a WordPress website from scratch (Step-by-step guide)

green checkmark Spot technical issues without the need for automated site audit tools

green checkmark Implement security practices for your website

green checkmark Generate Structured data, Open Graph and Twitter Card

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  • SEO Forecasting
  • SEO Reporting
  • How to generate topics for every niche using AI
  • How to perform SERP analysis after an Algorithm Update

What you will learn from this course?

Gab Valimento Peepcon Speaker

Meet the tutor

I’m Gabriel Valimento, founder of Ameticia Digital Marketing Services and creator of the SEO workout community on Facebook. With 10 years in the industry, I’m an experienced Technical SEO.

My career started in 2013 as a web developer, and I quickly moved into SEO. I’ve spoken at various events in the country, sharing my knowledge and helping others keep up with the fast-moving world of SEO.

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Course Outline

Module 0: Introduction

  • What To Expect From This Course

Module 1: Crawling And Indexing

  • How Do Search Engines Work?
  • Factors That Affect Crawling And Indexing
  • How To Improve Your Website’s Crawlability And Indexability

Module 2: Introduction To Technical SEO

  • What Is Technical SEO?
  • Is Technical SEO a ranking factor?
  • Technical SEO Audit Basics
  • What Tools Can You Use For An SEO Audit?
  • Common On Page SEO Problems (Actual Implementations)
  • Common Technical SEO Problems (Actual Implementations)

Module 3: Site Structure And Architecture

  • URL Structure And Hierarchy
  • Internal Linking (Actual Implementations)
  • XML Sitemaps (Actual Implementations)
  • Robots.txt 

Module 4: Speed And Performance

  • Core Web Vitals
  • Other Speed And Performance Optimization Factors
  • How To Use Tools To Measure
  • Improve Your Website’s Speed And Performance (Actual Implementations) 

Module 5: Mobile Optimization

  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) (Actual Implementations)
  • Other Mobile Optimization Factors (Actual Implementations)

Module 6: Security And HTTPS

  • Website Security Basics
  • Other Security Considerations

Module 7: Structured Data And Rich Results

  • What Is Structured Data?
  • Different Types Of Structured Data
  • How To Create And Implement Structured Data On Your Website
  • Facebook OG & Twittercard

Module 8: Advanced Technical SEO Topics

  • Canonical Tags
  • Redirect Fixing
  • Href Lang for Multi-language sites

Module 9: Technical SEO For WordPress

  • WordPress Setup (Webhosting, domain, theme) (Actual Implementations)
  • Create a WordPress website from scratch (Actual Implementations)
  • How to backup a website on Localhost (Actual Implementations)
  • WordPress-Specific Technical SEO Best Practices (Actual Implementations)
  • Installing Google Search Console (Actual Implementations)
  • Installing Google Analytics (Actual Implementations)
  • Conversion Tracking (Actual Implementations)
  • Perform Technical SEO Audit (Actual Implementations)


Gain the skills to think like a technical SEO expert, mastering the knowledge to adapt confidently in various scenarios. Learn to effectively offer and prioritize SEO recommendations for successful implementation. Eventually, offer technical SEO services to your clients

No coding skills required; the course will teach you how to do technical audits and implement recommendations through the use of Tools and plugins.

Yes, the course consists of 98% pre-recorded video lectures.

Yes, I will issue a certificate once you finish the course

We accept Bank transfer, PayPal and Gcash

Yes, we have a dedicated SEO community for enrollees. Please join our Facebook page – SEOxWorkout.