Discovering SEO as a potential career path

Alright, let’s rewind to 2020 – pandemic, chaos everywhere, and I’m a broke IT grad facing the harsh reality of adulting. Job hunting felt like getting smacked by life’s giant reality hand while the other hand is doing the middle finger at me, and I didn’t even know how to adult properly – taxes? A mystery. Job applications? More confusing than the government’s COVID protocol.

I got a part-time gig at DOLE in Cavite – felt like catching a high-five from a celebrity, but it was as fleeting as a Snapchat story. I celebrated, but then reality hit – is adult life just a series of short joyrides? Job hunting was giving me more “thanks, but no thanks” emails than a dating app.

Even with certificates from TESDA, Google, and Arizona State University, employers were looking at me like I was trying to explain memes to my grandma.

Joining All White Hat SEO course and the initial challenges

Now, cue early 2021, and I stumbled upon this online freelancers’ group. SEO is the cool kid promising big bucks and the luxury of working while wearing shorts and being topless all day. With my last savings, I thought, “Why not join Coach Angeline’s SEO course? If others can do it, surely I can too” while giggling maniacally in front of the computer at the computer shop. Little did I know, it was harder than filling out my resume application on LinkedIn.

Mrs. Anna from Canadian Web Designs became my internship fairy godmother, rescuing me from the stormy sea of job-hunting despair. Four months later, a direct client reached out to me, and suddenly, I was swimming in 40k. Feeling like I’m a bourgeoisie that can afford anything.

But hang on, lifestyle inflation barged in like an uninvited party crasher. My 40k felt like Monopoly money compared to dreams of gaming PCs and jaw-dropping travel adventures. Burnout knocked on my door, and I said “see ya” to that job faster than a pizza delivery on speed dial.

Growthturn opportunity and mentorship from Gab Valimento


In 2022, Pronto Agency showed up with a paycheck that doubled my salary and a travel ticket to Thailand – living the dream, right? I was very happy when I landed that job. It’s WFH, and the workmates are good people. I managed to learn some Thai words and some English accents from my British boss. Lol. During this time, Growthturn (Where Sir Gab is in) reached out to me and offered me the technical SEO Job. This made my salary roughly 100k during this time! Living the dream, ain’t we?

The vibe in Growthturn is pretty chill. There’s no toxic workplace; everyone is easy to approach, and best of all, I got a good manager. Sir Gab is a very understanding and patient mentor. I remember almost not knowing anything when I got in, and he showed me the ropes.

A year later, I decided to part ways with Pronto and stayed with Growthturn moving forward. The reason I decided to part ways with Pronto is that I wanted time to enjoy the fruits of my labor and go on a full-blown-out travel to Mindanao and Singapore. It was the best time of my freelancer life.

Come August 2023, and I landed a direct client from the U.S. Lifestyle inflation kicked in and said, “WE ARE SO BACK, BABYYYYY” after seeing that I’m back to 6 digits again (way more than the past 100k salary).

So, the moral of the story? It’s not just about the money. Finding a job with cool people, a mentor like Sir Gab, and zero toxic drama is like hitting the jackpot. Almost two years with Growthturn proved that. Now, I’m living my best life, thanking Coach Angeline, giving Sir Gab a virtual high-five, and wondering how my last 5k turned into this rollercoaster ride. Capitalism’s fruits taste better when you’re not stuck in a lemon farm.

GT meeting

Key takeaways: upskilling, timing, work environment, mentorship

So, the moral of the story? Forget “greed” – it’s about upskilling, seizing opportunity, and finding the right fit. My journey wasn’t always smooth, but with the right guidance and effort, I went from ramen noodles to island hopping. And let me tell you, the view from here is amazing!

If you’re looking to unlock your own SEO potential, I highly recommend checking out Sir Gab’s technical SEO course. Remember, finding a supportive mentor and a positive work environment like I did at Growthturn is priceless. Who knows, your own success story might just be a click away!